The Note - Zoë Folbigg

The Note

By Zoë Folbigg

  • Release Date: 2017-09-21
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4
From 129 Ratings


'It's got Hollywood blockbuster written all over it' Cosmopolitan.

As featured on ITV's 'This Morning' and BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour'...

Based on Zoë Folbigg's true story comes an unforgettable romance about how a little note can change everything...

One very ordinary day, Maya Flowers sees a new commuter board her train to London, and suddenly the day isn't ordinary at all. Maya knows immediately and irrevocably, that he is The One.

But the beautiful man on the train always has his head in a book and never seems to notice Maya sitting just down the carriage from him every day. Eventually, though, inspired by a very wise friend, Maya plucks up the courage to give the stranger a note asking him out for a drink. After all, what's the worst that can happen?

And so begins a story of sliding doors, missed opportunities and finding happiness where you least expect it.

The Note is an uplifting, life-affirming reminder that taking a chance can change everything...

'Laugh-out-loud, tears-in-your-coffee story' OK! magazine.

'A story of sliding doors, missed opportunities and finding happiness where you least expect it' Good Housekeeping magazine.

'The Note is perceptive, funny and likely to make your commute much more diverting' Stylist magazine.

'The perfect escapist read for hopeless romantics on their daily commute' Navaz Batliwalla, author.

'A life-affirming, uplifting reminder that taking a chance can change everything' Woman's Weekly.


  • Just arS

    By fstgztuaYyY
    I’ll fiyxnpokDh! If iv IquitosuZtRde
  • Moorish

    By natdipdes
    A bit like an immoral Jane Austin. I like happy endings and sweet cakes. It takes your mind off the real thing. Some nice creative and imaginative flights of fancy, just like patisserie, colourful and tasty.
  • Sweet, happy story

    By MissBookish
    What a lovely story! Easy to read, well-written, with very likeable characters. You can’t help but root for them all the way through.
  • Ok

    By sammy burger
    A little disappointed with this book because there are so many characters that I got lost in the beginning and it was difficult to keep up. Also very obsessed with macaroons.
  • Really good read!

    By Gam3rMC
    A really clever plot I've not come across before. Love the direction the book moved in- stick with it you'll be impressed ✨
  • Perfect nighttime reading

    By Cdebcom
    Could not put this book down & picked up at every opportunity. Cleverly written and some captivating characters who you can relate to. Loved it
  • Persevere!

    By Mmrg2
    I struggled to get into this book to begin with; I couldn’t relate to characters nor the environment and it seemed a bit slow. Suddenly that changed and I couldn’t put the book down - so glad I continued. Lovely story!
  • Loooooved it!!!!

    By Jam2012xxx
    Great story and characters, real page turner, romantic, heartwarming, really loved it!
  • Love it.

    By Jacs160671
    Gorgeous story. Based on the true story of how the author meet her husband. Read in a day.
  • A brilliant and beautiful book

    By Girl at no5
    Loved this book. A heartwarming and engaging story, written in a fresh, vivid and fun style. I laughed and I cried, and I was completely living in Maya's world during the two days it took me to read it. Perfect for autumnal evenings wrapped up on the sofa - buy it!