Inked - Carmen Faye


By Carmen Faye

  • Release Date: 2017-12-13
  • Genre: Contemporary


Inked is book 1 of The Ashes MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Marked and Branded are available everywhere now!

I’m not your f***ing Prince Charming.  

I live and die for my club, and I bury anyone who gets in my way.

Nothing else matters. Not until Krishna.
Innocent and pure, with eyes begging for a savior.

A good girl trapped with a gang of ex-convicts. 

One look and I know what I want, what I NEED:

To corrupt her.
To defile her.
To make her MINE and make her scream for more.

He’s a devil—a demon covered in scars, muscle, and tattoos.  
A devil that took me, claimed me, and used me for his pleasure until I was screaming his name.

A splash of ink, a tattoo, and now Alex Gordon thinks he owns me.

I should run.
I should get out while I can.

But each time he touches me.
Each time his gravelly voice rumbles in my ear…

“You’re mine.”
…I know he won’t stop.

Not until there’s nothing of the old me left.
Not until he’s made me HIS