Unentwined - Katherine King


By Katherine King

  • Release Date: 2018-05-05
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature



​The third chapter in The Tangled Series


I hadn't been able to forget him since that day I first saw him.

And now here he was, standing on the edge of the dance floor…

Staring at me with an intensity that was causing my body to respond to him.

A response that my body hadn't felt in such a long, long time.

And for the first time in my life, I wonder what it would be like to pick up someone like him for a one-night stand.

No strings.

Just sex.

Something I've never done.

But I want to…

With him.

My body pulses, reacting to his magnetic field, as if reaching out only to him and I forget about my struggling dance partner as the Adonis lifts his glass mockingly to his lips. While still holding my eyes, he takes a slow drink, taunting me with those lips of his and I can't help but wonder what he could taste like.

And then I can't think of anything other than finding out.

Murmuring, "Sorry," over my shoulder to my partner, I remove his hands from my waist and head over to the devastatingly, tall man, ignoring the anger and arrogance radiating from him.

If anything, it only drew me in further because he was like a wild, beautiful stallion that needed taming.

And taming wild, beautiful stallions are what I lived for.

Maybe it's the alcohol but I can't think of wanting anything more at this point than seducing – tasting – and taming - this man.

Reaching him, feeling like a strobe of fire has been ignited in my body, I look up into his ocean blue and angry eyes.

Slowing reaching out while still holding his gaze, I take his glass from his hand, and I lay it down on a nearby cocktail table before reaching out my other hand to take his.

As my finger first touches the back of his hand, I hear him inhale sharply and I know he's feeling the same thing as me.

Pure sexual electricity.

Seeping into us…

Entwining around us…

Filled with sizzling sex scenes and a roller coaster ride of emotions, The Tangled Series is a set of stories that will keep you wanting more.