Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told - Julie Sype

Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told

By Julie Sype

  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables
Score: 5
From 85 Ratings


A Fairytale Re-formed

When our princess is captured by a witch and held captive in a tower far from her comforts and kingdom, naturally a prince is sent to save her.


The princess has just interrupted this blurb to let us know that…

“She’s not looking for a rescue - but a freedom!”

So, throw off your ideas of predictable romance and classical endings, and follow a little princess on her courageous adventure of curiosity, acceptance and bliss.

This book reminds us that when imagery and lore become ubiquitous they present the danger to inoculate.

An inclusive, refreshing journey to the heart of innocent desire. The pure, unabashed, irrevocable force of love.


  • Word from a queer

    By C͙o͙o͙l͙ 😎
    I really loved it because it was quite different and also shows that the princess can be independent rather than helpless❤️❤️
  • A fave!!!!

    By Sidlings
    If only I had this to read when I was younger. I absolutely loved it. Can totally relate to the fierce princess

    By Lxcyxx
    Such an eye opener! We need everyone to read this!!
  • amazing!!!!!!!!!

    By gideon123456
    We need more children books like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Once Upon a Story You’ve Always Been Told.

    By YouDontMyStory
    This book is amazing. I’m 18 and have been questioning my sexuality for more than a year now. Having something like this around when I was younger, to open my eyes and mind to the other possibilities for my sexuality could have helped me through this much earlier on in my life. The use of rhyming makes the book flow, while at the same time really makes you read and listen to words written. The drawing are great, they show uniqueness and difference is nothing to be judged by. The use of colour through your the book symbolising the LGBTQ+ flag is great, it entices young children even if they don’t yet know what those colours represent. All in all I think this is a fantastic book, one for all ages although more tailored to the young of course. I think it is a great way to educate younger children about the new world hat we live in where everyone is accepted for themselves and that they can be and love who they want without question.
  • Simply beautiful!

    By ddmoores
    This book is beautifully written, I love how it rhymes, and the illustrations are so fun! I love seeing a children’s book that is so open minded and inclusive! Not every little girl dreams of being saved by a prince, this book is perfect at breaking common stereotypes! I loved it!
  • Amazing !!!

    By @cherrybom
    This book is amazing. For young people to understand it’s okay to be different. Just be PROUD ❤️
  • Beautiful

    By AmyHoran
    This is such a lovely book, something that should be seen and shared everywhere, beautiful illustration too, just wow and thank you. I wish this had been around when I was younger
  • A classic with an amazing “twist”.

    By Frankie & Francesca
    The book is awesome! A very good balance between a unique storytelling and beautiful illustrations.