The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season

By Samantha Shannon

  • Release Date: 2013-08-20
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4.5
From 104 Ratings


A dreamer who can start a revolution

For the past two hundred years the Scion government has led an oppressive campaign against unnaturalness in London.

Clairvoyance in all its forms has been decreed a criminal offence, and those who practise it viciously punished. Forced underground, a clairvoyant underworld has developed, combating persecution and evading capture.

Paige Mahoney, a powerful dreamwalker operating in the Seven Dials district of London, leads a double life, using her unnaturalness illegally while hiding her gift from her father, who works for the Scion regime...

This beautiful new edition includes the prequel novella, The Pale Dreamer


  • Oh my gosh

    By Lstc005lydia
    This is by far my favourite book to date, I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is. Such a perfect balance between fantasy and gritty realism, I could imagine myself right there in the action throughout. I cannot wait for the sequel!
  • Great plot but...

    By JosieJay's quite complicated with all the names of the different groups and spirits and they all seem to have more than one reference. I read this in iBooks and discovered the glossary when I'd finished - if only they'd put it at the front I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Definitely worth reading though.
  • The Bone Season - Brilliant!!!

    By T1shTosh
    Absolutely loved this book! Not my usual read but was hooked from the start.
  • 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    By Banananananaaaa
    I found it genuinely difficult to ever put this book down! Even if you don't like fantasy/sci fi- ish books I would still recommend it!!
  • Great read.

    By ACTschools
    Really enjoyed this book. Great story. Hoping for a sequel.
  • An amazing book!

    By Guestsheeran0
    A very very good book At first, I was skeptical but it's a great read! The middle may be lengthy but it's not enough to make you want to stop reading, I recommend this book to everyone!
  • The Bone Season

    By gecgec*
    A really good read I am looking forward to the next book in this series about an alternative Britain set in the not too distant future. Fast paced exciting action and relationships with chemistry.
  • Not bad at all

    By Scot4u
    I echo those who don't normally read fantasy novels but found this a great read. This has deeper lessons than just a fantasy story. The characters are well constructed and engage you. This is worth a read but you do have to think rather than just take it in although I stress if is not a dark and heavy read just enjoyable and you want to understand. I do really look forward to the sequel.
  • Bone Season

    By Rigler2010
    Awesome...when's the next one???!!!
  • Wow

    By Tiggerjoh
    I don't normally read fantasy type books but I'm so glad I found this one! Beautifully written, elegantly crafted, I read it in a day. I'm not going to ruin it by giving up the premise, its totally original. For everyone who's ever been an outcast, and for anyone who loves intelligent writing that requires some brain power as well as a tiny suspension of disbelief. A joy.