Welcome, Baby Bunnies! - Jim Shields

Welcome, Baby Bunnies!

By Jim Shields

  • Release Date: 2015-01-31
  • Genre: Fiction


Few animals can capture the attention and imagination of children like soft and cuddly baby bunnies. Welcome, Baby Bunnies tells the exciting story of a mommy bunny that decides to build her nest one night at a meadows edge. While building her nest, she realizes how wonderful it would be if her forest friends could be near to help her share the excitement of the arrival of her babies. Imagine her surprise when she sees several of her friends coming into the meadow to join her for the special occasion. She is further pleased and moved to find that each friend brings a unique gift to help her build her nest and to celebrate the wonderful event. Numerous life lessons presented in beautifully rhymed verse, combined with subtle introductions to numbers and basic colors, are sure to make Welcome, Baby Bunnies a story that children will enjoy for years to come.