Dad's Army

Dad's Army

By Oliver Parker

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2016-02-05
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 39min
  • Director: Oliver Parker
  • Production Company: DJ Films
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: GBP 5.99
From 97 Ratings


Based on the 1960s British sitcom of the same name, this comedy follows the exploits of the part-time soldiers of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard during World War II. As the war nears its end, the platoon receives a visit from a beautiful female journalist just as they begin to suspect there may be a German spy among their ranks. The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard may finally have an opportunity to impact the war. Directed by Oliver Parker, Dad's Army stars Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, and Toby Jones.



  • Daft ARMY

    By Uk PMH
    British filmmaking just hit skid row .it ruined the reputation of Dads army,the script writing and acting was verging on pure amateur.Dont waste your money.
  • Why?

    By AWD8610
    Why? The original sereis and film were fine, why the need for a remake?
  • A poor remake

    By Nero 1977
    As a fan of the T.v series and the original film I was very disappointed not worth one star!
  • Too much cake for 1944 surely

    By 7411
    Not a bad effort at updating the old TV sit com - Toby Jones gives a passable Mainwaring but the whole thing lacks the charm and comic timing. Pike is too old and not stupid enough - makes you realise how brilliant Ian Lavendar was in the part. The story is dragged out and becomes somewhat tedious there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a war going on for 1944 - no barbed wire preventing people from using the beaches and too much cake! Ratioing would have been in full swing by then. At least the TV stuck to the history a little better. Could have done with a sub plot or two. Nice to actually see Elizabeth and have women involved in the war effort tho.
  • Amazing

    By OLLIE_0160
    This film is absolutely fantastic highly reccomnded its funny in my opinion some parts of the film are quite tense again highly reccomended
  • Absolutely terrible

    By Carwyne
    Sorry but this is a rubbish film. It isn't particularly funny and most of it feels so out of joint that it loses it completely. It doesn't capture the spirit of war time England in the slightest and deciding that the whole film should turn around every old man falling for a single woman, willing to have an affair with her is just plain boring and this topic should never be set at a PG, honestly what message is that? With only one old lady noticing anything wrong in the woman who just arrived from nowhere, who no one knows when they are expecting a spy, on the spy front they didn't make such a big thing of themselves as that brought them at risk of being discovered. As with another reviewer we didn't watch it all as it was so boring and badly done with none of us liking the whole basis of your film, and that's with 2 males & 1 female in the house. Bad buy and I wish I could get my money back. If you want dads army don't buy this, it is not dads army.
  • Great

    By Jimmyhawkes
    Family fun
  • Waste of time.

    By A. Moor
    Put simply and as briefly as possibly this is appalling!
  • Dismal indeed, no humour at all

    By Old_richard
    Appalling to waste such good actors with a script which had no humour. What a waste and a waste of £4.49 to watch it.
  • I'm a Dad's Army Fan, it was enjoyable!

    By Jvader8457
    When this movie first came out I could not wait to see it. I was really surprised by the negative reviews it received. I watched the film after loving the original tv series ever since I knew of its existence. Throughout I took in which different character the actors portrayed and I could easily link them with that character. What I found amazing was how the actors for this film learnt how the original actors for the series moved, talked etc. Furthermore, this is like the filler for the gap that was missing from the series, what Captain Mainwaring and his Home Guard were up to towards the end of the war! I have to say I did indeed enjoy the small jokes plotted around the movie, was in stitches when Godfrey... no wait better not spoil it ;) Overall, this film is one that needs to be seen by all Dad's Army fans or by people who love WW2 period films.