By Pablo Larrain

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-01-20
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 39min
  • Director: Pablo Larrain
  • Production Company: Jackie Productions (II)
  • Production Country: Chile, France, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 6.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
From 1,070 Ratings


Academy Award® winner Natalie Portman leads an acclaimed cast in this powerfully stirring drama as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As she grapples with unimaginable grief and trauma following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, “Jackie’s” faith and strength lead her to a new life with her children.



  • Jackie

    By BrownApple1
    Utterly disappointing. Portman's portrayal is irritating adn found the film slow, dreary and very hard to watch. What a wasted opportunity! Nothing really good about it at all.
  • Boring

    By dachar
    Did not enjoy at all. A boring, plodding film. Glad l only paid 99p to rent. Any more would ha e been a rip off. Learnt nothing about Jackie.
  • 99p to rent! That’s over priced

    By Alchemydave
    My wife was keen to watch this film, so I downloaded it for, I think we managed 20 minutes before reaching for the pain killers! Probably the worst film I have ever started to watch, the thought of watching it in full would be torture. Badly shot, badly acted, bad script, bad,bad,bad
  • Rubbish

    By Domhide
    After 20 min I had to flick forward in the hope that the movie might start - the prologue was all there was. Although I rented 100 minutes of tedium I cut my losses after 30.
  • Slow and boring

    By Nenck
    Slow, uninspiring, sleep inducing.
  • Jackie

    By SharonaG1
    I was looking forward to watching this, but I was very disappointed with it. It was very "slow" and a little boring. Sorry, not for me.
  • Massively disappointing

    Not sure where to begin.....this was a hugely dull telling of a potentially fascinating subject. The dialogue is often hidden behind an overly breathy, whispered delivery from many of the cast, the soundtrack is invasive and often overblown....the script is leaden.....I can't actually think of a single decent thing to say about it.
  • My eyes hurt!

    By Horsecock!
    If this movie was a meal in a restaurant, I would send it back, ask for a refund, suggest the chef was retrained with an alternative vocation, put the recipe in the bin, erect a large illuminated sign to avoid the chicken supreme with extra mushrooms and politely decline the offer of a free taxi home in favour of a long walk home in the freezing cold dark rain to try and wash away what I was just about the eat! Terrible movie!
  • A superb piece of cinema

    By Jetboy2012
    If you thought this was about her life story you'd be deeply disappointed. It's about one week, the week her husband was brutally assassinated, and how she deals with it. It is an emotion filled, superbly acted and moving drama. If you know nothing of history, are expecting some glamour filled romance, that it is not. It is a powerful, thought provoking piece and Natalie Portman deserved an Oscar. Her portrayal is extraordinary and the concept of the film a masterpiece. Those who voted it a one star should never have watched it. It had me in tears at the end and not much achieves that. Utterly brilliant.
  • Magnificent

    By Streetworker01
    Jackie is a film which separates the men from the boys. If you need every plot point spoon fed to you, and are incapable of following a non-linear storyline, then this isn't for you. But for those who aren't hard of thinking, this is a fascinating, complex and compelling mosaic of Jackie Kennedy's life between the assassination and the funeral. And at its heart is one of the most extraordinary performances you are likely to see. This is intelligent filmmaking of the highest order. Stunning.