By Oliver Stone

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-12-09
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 2h 14min
  • Director: Oliver Stone
  • Production Company: KrautPack Entertainment
  • Production Country: Germany, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 5.49
From 1,818 Ratings


In 2013 Edward Snowden quietly leaves his job at the NSA and flies to Hong Kong to meet with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill and filmmaker Laura Poitras to reveal U.S. government cyber surveillance programs of epic proportions. A top security contractor with virtuoso programming skills, Ed has discovered that a virtual mountain of data is being assembled tracking all forms of digital communication - not just from foreign governments and terror groups but from ordinary Americans.



  • Awful

    Oliver Stone completely wasted this opportunity. He somehow managed to make one of the most incredible real life scandals of modern times boring. Also, Rhys Ifans, wow. Who on earth thought that was wise to cast him? Disappointed, very disappointed. Watch Citizen 4 instead.
  • What this guy has done is simply amazing

    By The Rising
    Being one who does not follow the news that much due to the never ending depressive fear mongering, I have to plead ignorance to knowing much about anything re Snowden and what he actually did. As such, having watched this film (directed by one of the greats) I was gobsmacked and... it brought a tear to my eye at the realization of what a sacrafice this guy had to take to bring accountability to the powers that be. It makes me feel proud that there are genuine people out there who are prepared and commit to doing what ever it takes to estabilish checks and balances with how our countries are run. Amazing... found myself clapping with the audience at the end... sitting by myself watching on my computer several years after his interview hehe..
  • Brilliant

    By Judeasblue
    This film helps to give background to Snowden and show his motivation. Great film of a great hero.
  • No subtitles

    By Free Ski Scot
    Yet another film with no closed captions. Really ? In this day and age ?
  • Great thought provoking film

    By Barm-1
    It is scary to think this is more or less a true story and how transparent we actually are. Well worth watching but I guarantee it will scare you a little.
  • Amazing, a story that had to be told....

    By impy20541
    I thought this was an excellent film. Well made, honest and brave and although it deals with a very tricky morale dilemma - it shows the importance of whistle blowing and the risks of labelling it something else. Great!
  • Hugely disappointing

    By Star 45321
    I wouldn't waste a second of your life watching this.
  • Good Film but Snowden is a Traitor.

    Film was really well made and was enjoyable, except that it glorified his traitorous and treasonous actions, it also made out that he was some sort of genius and had sympathizers that worked with him. I wasn't aware we lived in an age where someone betrays a position of trust and responsibility and is made into a hero....
  • Not the Villain Afterall

    By GAC_CAG
    A slick rewriting of history - surprised the CIA didn't try and get it censored. One mans successful mission to bestow freedom back to the world. #hero
  • Fantastic

    By stevenaa
    The general public don't know anything about anything.