The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us

By Hany Abu-Assad

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-10-12
  • Advisory Rating: 12
  • Runtime: 1h 52min
  • Director: Hany Abu-Assad
  • Production Company: Chernin Entertainment
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99
From 843 Ratings


OSCAR® Winner Kate Winslet and Golden Globe winner Idris Elba star in this suspense drama about two strangers who become stranded on a remote, snow-covered mountain following a plane crash. Forced to trust each other to survive the extreme elements, they begin a perilous journey through hundreds of miles of wilderness, each discovering a strength they never knew possible.



  • Disappointing

    By AnnieCYa
    A disappointing movie. It should be great with two excellent leads & an exciting plot point but somehow it just seems unbelievable - I think it’s to do with Kate Winslet’s character or accent (which just sounds forced) & also I do not buy her plucky character. Anyway, it failed the mark as a good movie for me. The scenery & cinematography is stunning. Was I the only one worried about wolves while watching it??
  • Boring

    By oiltec
    Like watching pain dry
  • Save your money!

    By Bellyschwing
    Saw this at the cinema. It’s TERRIBLE! Thought it would be good due to the cast but it’s truly awful. Like a cut price, crap version of Alive. Def worst film I’ve seen in ages. Does my my bit for the economy. Seriously, save your money
  • Very enjoyable

    By Marbella Belle
    JAK Time well spent with two actors who could not possibly make a bad movie .
  • Believe the poor reviews, they are right

    By racy31
    For such reknowned actors I'm surprised Kate and Idris went for this. The storyline is weak and predictable; like a conglomeration of snippets of similar survival films but without the talent to really make it all gel; there is absolutely nothing new here. At no point did you feel any sense of dread or peril, no concern that they may run out of resources; there were verbal cues, there was nothing to back them up in terms of emotion or developing tension in the plot. The film focuses on just two characters; this should allow you the luxury of fully immersing yourself and getting to know them, but instead, you are left feeling this was all done on a budget with the scriptwriter being paid the least of all.
  • Awful

    By Oboldero
    Safe your time, do NOT watch this utter tripe.
  • good OK average

    some brillant loctional shots and faily good story line the dog dosnt die dont painc.
  • Bad. Real Bad.

    By Kaviji
    It's not often I write a review but this was sooo bad I had to. Ham acting, dead script, and utterly implausible story. The dog was the best actor among them. I was glad to get back on with my life.
  • Enjoyable

    By mabiggles
    Really enjoyed this film as a Friday night slow-down film after a busy week at work. It isn't full of thrills and spills but it has a simple story which works well and the scenary is good to watch as well. Worth watching if you want to take life down a notch for a bit.
  • Slow,direct, steadily straight to the feels

    By Nkanyezie
    Great acting by Idris and Kate and dog