By Oliver Stone

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 1986-12-24
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 59min
  • Director: Oliver Stone
  • Production Company: Hemdale Film Corporation
  • Production Country: United States of America, United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
From 1,662 Ratings


Chris Taylor is a young, naive American who, upon his arrival in Vietnam, quickly discovers that he must do battle not only with the Viet Cong, but also with the gnawing fear, physical exhaustion and intense anger growing within him. While his two commanding officers draw a fine line between the war they wage against the enemy and the one they fight with each other, the conflict, chaos and hatred permeate Taylor, suffocating his realities and numbing his feelings to man's highest value... life.



  • Issue with Apple TV stream

    By Filmrocker82
    Bought this film the other week and it doesn’t stream on my Apple TV even though my other content works. Please fix this apple
  • Very good show !

    By steviebrowninlondon
    Quite possibly the best film ever made, a metaphor for life for sure! It's astonishing.
  • The best of the best war. Films. All time.

    By tjmronin
    Best. War films.
  • Awesome

    By Jc 97
    Brilliant movie and nothing less than 5 stars
  • Brilliant film

    By Chrsom
    Really good to get a clear account on what life was like for a typical soldier in Vietnam including what they went through and had to face out there.
  • Absolutely awesome.

    By Fozzamezzarzo
    I think this film is absolutely awesome, it is based on what the director actually went through in na'am, it has some very tense scenes, but one part is just cruel, I must say though, the theme song gets a little bit repetitive and the sound effects aren't as good as they are nowadays, but this film came out in 1986 so I can't blame, also that was the same year my gave band came famous, MetallicA. So, overall this film is five star.
  • Brilliant

    By Geo123677
    An absolutely brilliant film with one of the best theme songs. It is tragic what people have to go through in war
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!

    By xxbobbiebxx
    1st watched this film wiv my father When I was a little girl, + iv loved ir Ever since. U reli get a gud lok at wat Life waz lyk bk then in the war, + wat the men went thro.
  • full metal jacket or platoon?

    By the totster king
    platoon was very good from start to finish were as full metal jacket is brilliant in the first half (Richard Lee Ermey) and degraded in the second half but it was still very good. Platoon managed to display the dehumanisation as full metal jacket but in a far more gritty wayand vastly different scene
  • Simply Stunning

    By General Obiwan Kenobi
    I've no idea why the abusive idiot bothered posting his bile here. Apple should remove such rantings. As far as the film goes it is simply the best Vietnam movie ever made, bar none. It is a heart rending journey that shows the worst and best of humanity. In his position would you have the required strength of character? I'd like to think I would, however I'm just lucky not to have ever been in such a nightmare. Watch this film, you won't regret it. It even ranks up in the top war movies ever made, in my book. Right up there with The Battle of Britain, A Bridge Too Far and We Were Soldiers....