By Pixar

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2009-05-29
  • Advisory Rating: U
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Pixar 81758682
  • Production Company: Pixar
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 2.49
From 10,264 Ratings


From the revolutionary minds of Pixar Animation Studios and the acclaimed director of Monsters, Inc. comes a hilariously uplifting adventure where the sky is no longer the limit. Carl Fredricksen, a retired balloon salesman is part rascal, part dreamer who is ready for his last chance at high-flying excitement. Tying thousands of balloons to his house, Carl sets off to the lost world of his childhood dreams. Unbeknownst to Carl, Russell, an overeager 8-year old Wilderness Explorer who has never ventured beyond his backyard, is in the wrong place at the wrong time – Carl's front porch! The world's most unlikely duo reaches new heights and meets fantastic friends like Dug, a dog with a special collar that allows him to speak, and Kevin, the rare 13-foot tall flightless bird. Stuck together in the wilds of the jungle, Carl realizes that sometimes life's biggest adventures aren't the ones you set out looking for. UP reaches new heights and it's an adventure that will send your spirits soaring!



  • Worst Pixar film ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By olibot7
    It's more like down
  • One word.....

    By Reecemaycock
    “Squirrel!” (You’ve got to watch it now, even if just to understand what that means)
  • I was blown up!!!!!!!!!!!!:)&up!!!!!

    By Brainicle5000
    Wasn't this the best film you've ever watched in you're intire life!!! I mean come on talking dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mixed bag

    By Nazf355
    This isn't your standard rainbows and sunshine Pixar movie, but it is a very good well thought out film, the first 15 minutes do start a bit sullen but then it picks up from there and just keeps goining.
  • Most amazing opening scene, possibly ever

    By rpugh_85
    This is Disney - Pixar at it’s finest, a must see. It’s visually stunning!
  • What a film

    By Hev9210
    This film literally changed my life. So entertaining
  • This is great… but.

    By King fabulous
    The film is AMAZING and looks particularly impressive in HD. However, I bought this film earlier in the year, and now it no longer appears on my apple TV/ in my previous purchases. I don’t know why.
  • Afternoon movie

    By sammisongs
    This film starts with such a sad story it's hard to see how it will ever be entertaining or funny... But the script is brilliant and the pace of the story is just right. This is great film to watch with the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon.. All ages too. The story can cross all ages even adults without the kids.
  • Is this....the best family picture of all time?

    By Bradenewee
    If you thought Toy Story or Finding Nemo was the best thing Pixar has ever done, then you should watch this wonderful film. It's funny, creative, enchanting, emotional and downright fantastic. And on that bombshell, I should even further credit Pixar for creating a perfect relationship opening that lasts for around 6 minutes WITHOUT ANY DIALOGUE and us still better than what Twilight failed to do in 5 films.
  • Up!

    By Brock@172
    Great great movie for kids.......& big kids! :)