The Perfect Human Diet

The Perfect Human Diet

By C.J. Hunt

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2012-01-01
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 27min
  • Director: C.J. Hunt
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 6.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 5.49
From 9 Ratings


The Perfect Human Diet is the unprecedented global exploration for a solution to our epidemic of overweight, obesity and diet-related diseases - the #1 killer in America. This film, by broadcast journalist C.J. Hunt, bypasses current dietary group-think by exploring modern dietary science, previous historical findings, ancestral native diets and the emerging field of human dietary evolution - revealing for the first time, the authentic human diet. Film audiences finally can see what our species truly needs for optimal health and are given a practical template based on scientific facts.



  • The Perfect Human Diet

    By Cornish Rob Bob
    Ignore the negative reviews of this documentary. It is very scientific, well made and interesting. If you are a lay person who is interested it is great. If you are a vegetarian you will hate it.
  • Absolute Rubbish

    By FlyNicko
    Contains no useful information whatsoever. Very low budget production just avoid it.
  • Saved my life

    By Knitman57
    I was vegetarian for over 20 years. I became very overweight with terrible gut problems. Turned out I was allergic to what I was eating, grain especially. Irritated my digestive system badly. I was in my mid 40’s, with heart disease and arthritis. I did not have much hope of growing old. I then completely after reading about low carb. I felt terrible at first then after 10 days, I felt better than I had ever felt, though I felt guilt about eating flesh. I lost over 100lbs, my heart has improved, my cholesterol under 3. Those that advocate veg or vegan for all really don’t know what they talking about. I’d rather live, thank you. The info in this documentary could save your life.
  • Not well done

    By Chu7777
    Some truth in it, but very unscientific presented. No mentioning of life span, cancer and other relevant issues to modern society. There are a few scientists in there (PHDs), who actually back up their statements. A perfect human diet is difficult to define, and we survived and evolved because we could adopt to a variety of diets. As I said, there maybe some truth in there, but this is the case in many stories. Not a recommended documentary to help you find a good diet.
  • Great film

    By rODIUM
    The scientific facts and history which back up this film are extensive and very interesting . This film will either test your views or prove what science has always known. Healthy people need animal fats.
  • Biased and presented as well researched

    By Oso Azul
    Although Paleo diets are not without merit, this one sided presentation - that neglects to consider successful diets of other types, says it's sustainable but does not consider sustainability at all and is clearly aimed at arriving at the Paleo diet than the answer to the question. Avoidable tripe. They say animal protein is good for you - maybe tripe is ok...? - no. Not in a movie review!
  • I don't want to pay to watch a feature length commercial

    By O_Colluphid
    Just call it THIS IS WHY EVERYONE SHOULD DO THE PALEO DIET. I am not against the diet, it seems to work for some people and time will tell on the long term effects. However this seems driven and one sided towards making the case for this one diet with no voice of any opposition(and there are plenty of good cases in the opposition). The host reeks of agenda, and takes every chance to make this case he decided before the word GO. It would be very interesting to see who funded the production of this movie
  • Great eye opener

    By DeckyDoherty
    This documentary tells the story of the food we eat today and how this has changed since the beginning of mankind.
  • The Most Stupid Human Diet

    By Gobyul
    If I could, I would have given this minus star ratings. This is so far the most selfish, greedy, highly selective and manipulating documentary films I have watched even worse than those out to get teenage girls weeping and throbbing films. Like one of the reviews earlier it does NOT consider counter arguments but feeds those who already have prejudice against them. One of the most manipulative aspect is that the film approaches other diets life styles as if they are mere 'beliefs' with no scientific or matter of fact approach about them and that this film is purely based on truth, facts and science. Furthermore it only 'looks into' initial concerns about such diets that most populations has already and never looks further in to it. This is my first time writing such a negative review. Human diet purely based on what this film suggests is like one of those media manipulated 'information' that is out there. What a waste of money, my time and resources available in this World. This film is truly The Perfect 'Human' Diet made only for human with no regard to other species on Earth, environment and every other things that contribute immensely to our day to day lives. It is also 'perfect' as those prejudiced with closed minds can feed on their misconception. Perfect.
  • Health is not the only factor here

    By anosmianAcrimony
    Whether or not the human body is "designed" to eat meat, this planet and its inhabitants cannot afford it. Eating grains is hundreds of times more efficient in terms of energy transfer than eating meat. If everyone were vegetarian, everyone could eat. In addition, animals raised for the slaughter release significant quantities of greenhouse gases. Switching to widespread vegetarianism wouldn't solve global warming on its own, but it would be a large step in the right direction.