Iron Man

Iron Man

By Jon Favreau

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2008-05-02
  • Advisory Rating: 12
  • Runtime: 2h 6min
  • Director: Jon Favreau
  • Production Company: Marvel Studios
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 2.49
From 12,274 Ratings


After surviving an unexpected attack in enemy territory, jet-setting industrialist Tony Stark builds a high-tech suit of armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man. Straight from the pages of the legendary comic book, Iron Man is a hero who is built - not born - to be unlike any other.



  • Fab film but four stars because it’s missing...

    By Christ07phe
    4K (like all of the Disney/MCU films on iTunes). Would give it 5 stars otherwise.
  • Why is this SO EXPENSIVE?

    By ActivistFanGirl
    I don't understand the logic of Apple / iTunes charging £13.99 for this movie when you can buy this same movie (with more special features) on Blu-Ray or DVD, at Amazon UK or Ebay for £3.99! Come on Apple, get with the programme and stop fleecing us with your extortionate prices (and how about paying some Corporation Tax too?) ...
  • Love the films just crazy prices

    By Masmithx1977
    It’s Christmas 2017 and apple have kindly put the marvel films on a special limited low price offer of £9.99 each. Oh hold on a minute that’s £10.00 each. I could buy a second hand blu Ray player and all the films pre owned if I wanted to the lot. Limited special price ay. So how much do these usually cost ? It’s a bit annoying to see prices artificially inflated for certain franchises (Star Wars) etc because they’re basically cash cows.
  • The film that started the MCU.

    By KarltoonTV
    Iron Man never gets old. I have seen it about four times on DVD and now a fifth time on Blu-ray. PLEASE DON’T BUY THE ITUNES VERSION. The bluray is a lot cheaper and much better quality. Robert Downing Jr played Tiny Stark very well and I remember really loving this film the first time I watched it and it’s even better now. The villain is the only thing I didn’t like. But everything else was pure awesome.
  • Awesome movie!

    By pipmel
    I was late to the Marvel movie franchise, so I am playing catch up. Finally getting round to watching the Iron Man movies, and this is awesome entertainment. If you love action packed movies with humour and cool gadgets, or you just love the Marvel movie universe then this movie is for you.
  • Blew Me away!!!!

    By MyFilms123
    Absolutely Brill watched it straight could not turn it off had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning!!!!
  • Iron Man!

    By ShaherM
    Rest assured, Iron Man is an absolutely amazing movie. I won't dare spoil any of this remarkable movie for you but I do recommend it as highly as I possibly can. Marvel needed to get in to the solo movie making business long ago. Instead of leasing out their characters to other studios, they're making movies themselves. Most everyone knows Iron Man is their first effort and what a great lead off film! This movie helps take the comic book genre to the highest level. Just like they did in the books, they reinvent standard epic adventure by "Marvelizing" characters and making them more believable. The Spider-Man and the X-Men movies did this to a degree but only as far as their respective studios wished to stay true to the source material. Anything added or amended was for the benefit of the live action adaptation. Director Sam Raimi pulled this off by talking to the summer crowd, not down to them with the Spider-Man series. Jon Favreau has done the same thing here but I think he's done it even better. Raimi intentionally threw in a little cheese. Favreau adds nice bits of humor but not too much. He also grounds the action and the suit of armor in firm reality. I've said it before but it's brave to reach for the highest common denominator with a big budget film and Favreau delivers a movie with as much feeling as it has action and intensity. Needless to say, Robert Downey Jr. and company deliver the goods. It's a movie that has a wonderful balance that delivers intelligence with its fun. The amazing yet realistic action is paced by the plot and characters that keep you interested from start to finish. What absolutely blew me away were the phenomenal special effects. I know they built a practical, working armor. What I loved is the use of CGI was used to augment the real life armor and not create something from scratch. Most all CGI constructs feel fake somehow but the stuff in Iron Man didn't seem fake even for an instant. As great as everything looked, what really drives the movie is the emotional resonance and down to earth nature of the plot. Sure the concept is wild but it's all presented so that you really believe it could happen. I doubt anyone will find fault with this movie unless they went in trying to dislike it. This is, without a doubt going to be one of my top 10 movies of 2008, quite possibly the number one film!
  • Price is Pathetic

    By Candylighter
    £13.99 for a film that came out yonks ago? disgusting. Prices on iTunes are always exaggerated and over the top.
  • It's worth it!!!

    By J for jjjjjjjjjjj
    I mean £13.99 for the quality of the film is not bad also quit a lot of humour I don't like it...I love it!!!!!!!
  • No longer available to buy?

    By medavo
    Great film but no longer showing option to buy - only rent. Seems the same for a few other Marvel films as well.