Salem's Lot

Salem's Lot

By Tobe Hooper

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 1979-11-17
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 3h 3min
  • Director: Tobe Hooper
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
From 23 Ratings


A New England village is plagued by vampirism in this blood-curdling shocker based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King, directed by Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist) and starring David Soul, James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres and Ed Flanders. Sinister events bring together a writer fascinated with an old hilltop house, a suave antiques dealer whose expertise goes beyond bric-a-brac and the dealer's mysterious, pale-skinned partner. Year: 1979



  • Why i got into horror as a child!

    By Grumpy Jimmy
    I remember watching this at age 5, i have been hooked on horror ever since. A really great horror from the ‘Master’ of horrors!
  • Insanely good

    By kedwilkins
    Long movie but every minute is just great. Best looking vampire in a movie. Great parts played by great names Recommend
  • Genuinely Scary & Affecting - Yet to be beaten

    By One of StrangeScribe
    At last! The wait is over! I've been waiting for Salem's Lot to appear on iTunes for years! I read the novel as a fevered teenager in the 70's before I saw this TV adaptation. And I was surprised at how genuinely scary it was and still is. The ensemble cast is an impressive line up of some the best character actors of the 70's. Not forgetting James Mason doing an excellent turn as Straker, the 'watch-dog'. Straker's fear of his Master is fully the equal of the hapless victims living or, rather dying in Jerusalem's Lot. Props must go to David Soul and Lance Kerwin, who spend most of the 3 hours being terrified and terrorised. If the intention was to distance himself from Detective Ken Hutchinson - it worked. A deviation from the book is the appearance and manner of our main antagonist - Kurt Barlow (played for creeps by Reg Nalder). In the book he lacked the now classic Nosferatu image (Murnau). In fact, he was written as almost a victim himself, albeit a willing one, to his own nocturnal proclivities. But in this adaptation there is no sense of that. Hooper chose to represent the King Vampire as being devoid of any empathy. If ever he was human, it's a long forgotten dream. Barlow's heavy presence is thoroughly pervasive - but his screen time is used deliberately sparingly. There's little opportunity available or taken for multi dimensional character building. He's used for scares - and it works very effectively. Hooper does an excellent job of building tension and supplying dread and genuine fear. Some 'jumps' will likely stay with you. I still cast a withering eye to my bedroom window on cold, dark nights - fearful of catching sight of the mask of pallid death grinning behind the glass, asking to be 'let in'. But then I just have to remind myself. There's no such thing as Vampires. Is there?
  • simply the best

    By d 1234
    this film is the scariest i have ever seen of all the vampire film i have seen this tops the bill this films nearly 40 years old but what a shocker
  • A true classic

    By Anastaciax1
    Finally - Great to see this come to iTunes at long last!!!! This is one that will never tire of seeing and is must for everyone’s catalogue. Now waiting for the original Omen & Omen 2 to surface.......
  • Legendary Movie

    By Awesome5150
    Pure old school terror with an amazing atmosphere. This is the complete movie all 3hrs plus which was shown in two parts on TV and scared a generation. This and the new IT film are amazing adaptations of Stephen King material.
  • The best Vampire movie ever...a must buy!

    By xmixitupx
    When I first saw Salems Lot it was on TV in 1979 as a two part adaptation...terrifying. For me, this will never be beaten for atmosphere. The best Vampire movie ever. I've been waiting a long time for it to be available on last the wait is over.
  • One Of The Best Vampire Flicks Ever

    By Amst101
    I never thought this would ever get the HD conversion and released on blu ray...but it did. I never thought then that it would ever get a release on iTunes, but it has. Up there with The Lost Boys and the original Fright Night as one of the vampire greats, this was originally a 3 hour TV movie which has been given a great HD transfer visually and the brilliant music given the justice it deserves. This is a great download and one I could watch on any flight to pass the time so well without being bored. I can always remember the first time I saw this when I was 10, and when I saw Barlow for the first time was so terrified, I had to go and sleep in my parents bed. 30 years later and its still a great creepy movie. Just great