By Jane Preston

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2015-06-15
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 26min
  • Director: Jane Preston
  • Production Company: Salon Pictures
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: GBP 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
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The Italia ’90 World Cup was a renaissance for English football, watched by millions of people across the UK. Its leading star was the young Paul Gascoigne - a player who had come to prominence with his hometown club Newcastle United and who now, upon England’s semi-final exit, captured the hearts of the nation. Gascoigne returned home to a hero’s welcome and became a superstar of international football. With his irrepressible spirit and extraordinary skills he was for a generation of players and fans the most captivating footballer they had ever seen. Gascoigne is the definitive story - in his own words - behind the inspired play on the pitch and the personal struggles and controversies off it. With revealing contributions from Gary Lineker, Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney, it tells one of sport’s most remarkable tales.



  • Excellent

    By GDiez
    Very good insights from Lineker. A window into the man that never grew up Paul Gascoigne. His parents failed him imo. What would it have been like if he'd gone to Fergie? The only drawback is there's not enough match footage, we only really see the famous clips, should be more from his early years when it was clear he was becoming the most gifted English player of all time.
  • A footballing genius

    By ITL932
    The film could have more content, there could be more interviews it's true, but it wouldn't matter too much. The real story is in Paul's words, the tragedies that had such an impact on his life and still do. He was a lad who enjoyed himself both on and off the pitch but never meant anyone any harm. Ignore anything that says he is an idiot and watch his story and listen to what he went through and you can't help but feel sorry for a man who just wanted to entertain people doing what he did best on the pitch. Gazza was an astonishing talent and this film brings back some amazing memories especially of Italia 90 and Euro 96 when we came so close. He deserved his success and he deserved better from the press then and now - may the hackers rot in hell. God bless you Paul you helped us share in your excitement, passion and pride and I for one hope you find peace.
  • Wow

    By Matt the fish
    This is the best documentary I've ever seen.What a true legend he really is.This is a must for anybody
  • I'm not a real football fan but...

    By ClymaMusic
    This documentary was absolutely brilliant!
  • An opportunity missed.

    By p-e-jonsey
    This film is a nice idea, crippled by a lack of content. Based around a well executed key interview with Gascoigne, it's missing many an interview to complete the story. It also includes interviews that add very little. The film deals with Paul's early life in an enjoyable way, revealing much about his early life. It also deals with his career at Newcastle pretty well. When it comes to his time at Spurs, Terry Vennables is conspicuously absent. As are any of his teammates (bar Lineker). Italy '90 is well covered, as is his rise to the height of his fame. The film then makes an abrupt stop at the first match of Euro 96. We then jump forward to pretty much present day (via a caption) to phone hacking, and Gascoigne's current excuse for his problems, the press. Desperately lacking in other interviews, football footage, containing marquee interviews that add little, this film could have been so much more. I would be fascinated to see the Gascoigne interview pieces that didn't make it because of a lack of complimentary footage. I understand the price of licensing this stuff, but I can't understand the missing interviews.
  • Gazza the great

    By Rob619
    A great mix of football stories and personal stories. Very honest about addiction. Also great to have the views of Gary Lineker and although why the chose to have Wayne Rooney on this documentary I'm not quite sure but he told some good stories about him too. Definitely worth watching!
  • Absorbing and atmospheric.

    By Download1234
    This is very well made, we all know the story of Gazza retold here by Paul Gascoigne himself with contributions from Gary Lineker and Italia 90 with Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney giving the story a modern feel with the superb Barry Davies narrating alongside an asborbing and atmospheric soundtrack. This is a football story that will resonate if like me as a child you played football with your brothers and your mates till it got dark and you had to go indoors because you couldn't see the ball anymore. Enjoy.
  • Very good! Strongly recommend watching it.

    By Mattieh555
    A really good watch, I'm not a fan of documentaries but this is superb.
  • 1st class player, 1st class Idiot...

    By Lottie073130
    Didn't pay to watch this, didn't want to line the pocket of a man who had great talent then blew it with money and fame....that's about the story folks...
  • Fantastic

    By Sandman16
    A great documentary. A genius on the pitch.