Porridge, The Complete Collection

Porridge, The Complete Collection


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1974-09-05
  • Episodes: 20
  • iTunes Price: GBP 24.99
From 21 Ratings


The complete collection of the classic sitcom set in HM Slade Prison, starring Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale. Habitual offender Norman Stanley Fletcher is doing five years of porridge at HM Slade Prison. He whiles away the time sharing his wealth of experience with his fellow inmates, particularly naive, young first-timer Lennie whom Fletch takes under his fatherly wing. Winner of 9 awards including 5 BAFTAs, and an Emmy nomination.


Title Time Price
1 Series 1, Episode 1: New Faces, Old Hand 28:48 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Series 1, Episode 2: The Hustler 28:34 Season Only Buy on iTunes
3 Series 1, Episode 3: A Night In 29:04 Season Only Buy on iTunes
4 Series 1, Episode 4: A Day Out 28:59 Season Only Buy on iTunes
5 Series 1, Episode 5: Ways and Means 28:36 Season Only Buy on iTunes
6 Series 1, Episode 6: Men Without Women 28:45 Season Only Buy on iTunes
7 Series 2, Episode 1: Just Desserts 28:50 Season Only Buy on iTunes
8 Series 2, Episode 2: Heartbreak Hotel 29:33 Season Only Buy on iTunes
9 Series 2, Episode 3: Disturbing the Peac 29:00 Season Only Buy on iTunes
10 Series 2, Episode 4: No Peace for the Wi 28:19 Season Only Buy on iTunes
11 Series 2, Episode 5: Happy Release 28:27 Season Only Buy on iTunes
12 Series 2, Episode 6: The Harder They Fal 29:26 Season Only Buy on iTunes
13 Christmas Special 1975: No Way Out 41:00 Season Only Buy on iTunes
14 Christmas Special 1976: The Desperate Ho 43:53 Season Only Buy on iTunes
15 Series 3, Episode 1: A Storm in a Teacup 28:12 Season Only Buy on iTunes
16 Series 3, Episode 2: Poetic Justice 29:39 Season Only Buy on iTunes
17 Series 3, Episode 3: Rough Justice 28:38 Season Only Buy on iTunes
18 Series 3, Episode 4: Pardon Me 30:28 Season Only Buy on iTunes
19 Series 3, Episode 5: A Test of Character 30:27 Season Only Buy on iTunes
20 Series 3, Episode 6: Final Stretch 29:40 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Prisoner and escort

    By a. morgan
    Why isn’t the actual first episode included in complete collection or any where on iTunes in fact ???
  • Incomplete

    By Richard Hallas
    Porridge is one of the best British comedy series ever made, and features Ronnie Barker at his best. Endlessly rewatchable, and fully worthy of five stars. So why only a four-star review? Because this supposedly "Complete" collection isn't complete. What's missing? 1. The pilot episode, "Prisoner and Escort". Unlike many other pilots, this is an essential part of the series. It's really excellent on its own, it's fully up to the standards of the series that follows, it's an essential scene-setter and there are back-references to it in the subsequent episodes. So it's an integral part of the complete story, yet it isn't even available on iTunes! (At all.) 2. The TV movie, Porridge. This is, in effect, just a Special. It features all the usual actors, and is definitely to be considered part of the series. (Though actually it's rather weaker then the other regular episodes, sadly.) You can get it on iTunes, but it costs a further £8, and it's a swindle not to include it as part of the Complete collection, because it should clearly be there. 3. Going Straight, the follow-on series, isn't available on iTunes either. OK, this isn't the same series, so I'm not saying it should be part of the Complete Collection; it shouldn't. But it should still be available here. It's a direct sequel to Porridge, with the same characters, and although it's not just as good (how could it be?), it's not at all bad. It should certainly be here, available to purchase alongside Porridge for the completist Porridge fans to get. So 3 would be nice, but 1 is essential for the set to be complete – and without 2 it's a bit of a swindle.