Davina: Toned in 10

Davina: Toned in 10

Davina: Toned in 10

  • Genre: Sports
  • Release Date: 2017-12-26
  • Episodes: 11
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 9.99


My amazing trainer Sarah has crafted a brilliant new fitness programme exclusively for YOU. It’s a totally unique, brand-new kind of workout and is about blending different fitness techniques in order to get the best results for your entire body. Each section will tone, strengthen and give definition to your muscles whilst working on flexibility and endurance. We’ll focus on developing core strength alongside some cardio in order to burn those calories. You should expect to see toned and defined muscles and gain strength throughout the body. Above all... it will be fun! We’ve broken the class down into 10 minute sections so that you can personalise your workouts and create classes that fit your mood and how much time you have! Please, please don’t forget to do the warm up and cool down, it’s really important. Do TRY to exercise at least three times a week, because anything less is just not enough to make a difference and I want you to see results. I really hope you enjoy Toned in 10, I think it’s our most effective workout yet. It’s really changed my body and I promise it will change yours.


Title Time Price
1 Intro 05:39 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Blend 1, Warm Up 10:04 Season Only Buy on iTunes
3 Blend 2, Strength and Resist 10:15 Season Only Buy on iTunes
4 Blend 3, Flex and Flow 12:25 Season Only Buy on iTunes
5 Blend 4, Power Box 10:18 Season Only Buy on iTunes
6 Blend 5, Tone and Define 10:12 Season Only Buy on iTunes
7 Blend 6, HIIT 10:24 Season Only Buy on iTunes
8 Blend 7, Arms 10:16 Season Only Buy on iTunes
9 Blend 8, Glutes 10:06 Season Only Buy on iTunes
10 Blend 9, Abs 10:34 Season Only Buy on iTunes
11 Blend 10, Cool Down 12:38 Season Only Buy on iTunes


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  • Exactly what I have been looking for

    By yayebo
    I have Pilates to be a bit too laid back for me, at the same time I don’t want anything to militant, this new series sits right in between, I am really looking forward to it
  • Something New!

    By cmwoyton
    Totally different! I have all of Davina's workout programmes, and this one is something completley new. It reminds me a bit of the Tracey Anderson Method, and if Davina can help me look like Gwyneth, then I'm all in! Great instruction from Sarah, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this can change the shape of my body in the way it has for Davina. Thank you for the inspiration!