The Gruffalo's Child

The Gruffalo's Child

The Gruffalo

  • Genre: Kids
  • Release Date: 2012-12-03
  • Episodes: 4
  • iTunes Price: GBP 4.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 5.99


A beautifully animated film based on the best-selling children’s picture book by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler. One wild and windy night, the Gruffalo’s Child ignores her father’s warnings and bravely tiptoes out into the snow in search of the Big Bad Mouse. She meets Snake, Owl and Fox but no sign of the fabled Mouse. He doesn’t really exist... or does he? A companion film to the hugely successful The Gruffalo. Directed by Johannes Weiland & Uwe Heidschötter and with the voices of Helena Bonham Carter, Rob Brydon, Robbie Coltrane, James Corden, Shirley Henderson, John Hurt and Tom Wilkinson.


Title Time Price
1 The Gruffalo's Child 26:20 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Behind the Scenes Documentary 22:37 Season Only Buy on iTunes
3 BBC Ident 00:31 Season Only Buy on iTunes
4 The Gruffalo's Child: Authors Live Perfo 15:16 Season Only Buy on iTunes


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  • Gruffalo's child

    By Lucy.R ❤️
    I gave this book a five star because it was good but I did not like this price 7.99 👺
  • Excellent film, terrible price

    By StarbucksUK
    My son loves watching this on bluray and I wanted a digital copy to keep him happy when we're out and he gets tired and restless, but having spent quite a lot on the bluray, there's no way on earth I'm forking out £10 just so he can watch it on my phone. Why is this and the majority of other content still so expensive on the iTunes Store. Very disappointed it's so ridiculously expensive.
  • Overpriced!!!!!!!

    By Mooro32
    Come on Apple, it's good but £9.99 bit cheeky!!!
  • Just love it

    By ffogboy
    My Son loves this and the original. Can't get enough. Anyone else notice that it is not labeled correctly though when it is on your device. It just looks like another Gruffalo season. I wish this could be fixed.
  • Gruffalos child

    By Hedgehog24
    Its is a great short film for a child , grandaughter loves it but why is it so dear? Qhen it is only £6 to buy in tesco
  • Enchanting but over priced

    By Yobgwdhhssa
    A lovely story to match the original .... Which may I add is only £4.99 Why is this and Room on the broom so expensive for a 30 min tv episode. Would have given 5 if it was just that bit cheaper. On the story side A MUST for any gruffalo fan
  • The Grufallos Child

    By Wait One
    Perfect in every way. An absolute must for every parent who remembers what it was like to love something so much, you couldn't be without it.
  • Gruffalos child

    By Football kid 7
    Very funny and a favourite for the kids
  • On non stop watch in our house!

    By VixBrad
    This has provided the whole family with needed relief from standard Christmas shows, toddler would draw love hearts here if she could... Highly recommended