Say You Will - Fleetwood Mac

Say You Will

Fleetwood Mac

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2003-04-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 18

  • â„— 2003 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of


Title Artist Time
What's the World Coming To Fleetwood Mac 3:47 GBP 0.99
Murrow Turning Over In His Gra Fleetwood Mac 4:11 GBP 0.99
Illume Fleetwood Mac 4:50 GBP 0.99
Thrown Down Fleetwood Mac 4:00 GBP 0.99
Miranda Fleetwood Mac 4:17 GBP 0.99
Red Rover Fleetwood Mac 3:57 GBP 0.99
Say You Will Fleetwood Mac 3:47 GBP 0.99
Peacekeeper Fleetwood Mac 4:10 GBP 0.99
Come Fleetwood Mac 5:59 GBP 0.99
Smile at You Fleetwood Mac 4:32 GBP 0.99
Running Through the Garden Fleetwood Mac 4:33 GBP 0.99
Silver Girl Fleetwood Mac 3:59 GBP 0.99
Steal Your Heart Away Fleetwood Mac 3:33 GBP 0.99
Bleed to Love Her Fleetwood Mac 4:05 GBP 0.99
Everybody Finds Out Fleetwood Mac 4:28 GBP 0.99
Destiny Rules Fleetwood Mac 4:26 GBP 0.99
Say Goodbye Fleetwood Mac 3:24 GBP 0.99
Goodbye Baby Fleetwood Mac 3:50 GBP 0.99


  • All I Can is it's Sad to See them Go

    By JustJoshin'
    But I love watching them leave. Just wish they had one last album in the. While Lindsey may still be around with more "solo" stuff to come, and Mac's 2018-19' Farewell Tour on the horizon it's a real shame that this will be the last album our their work that I grew up with. Thanks for the memories...!! At least we'll always have Say You Will....
  • Superb!

    By Paul G T.
    Missed this album when it was first released, but recently reignited interest in Fleetwood Mac, so I bought it. Not disappointed… ALL of the tracks are brilliant, and I'm currently playing the album to death.
  • Seriously really good!

    By Sarah Isabellaaa
    I never listened to this album properly until now and I was missing out! Some of Fleetwood Mac's best work on here!
  • 50/50

    By Vaughan80
    There are some truly wonderful tracks on this album, such as MIRANDA, THROW DOWN, SAY YOU WILL, PEACEKEEPER, RUNNING THROUGH THE GARDEN, BLEED TO LOVE HER and EVERYBODY FINDS OUT but I just don't particularly care for the rest.
  • One of the finest albums I own

    By 00designer
    I love this album. I played it so much the CD is worn out. Almost all tracks on this album are excellent. It has a true Fleetwood Mac flavour - especially for those who enjoyed their hits from the Eighties. Yet, despite the classic feel, the songs are fresh, varied, unusual and definitely addictive. I would thoroughly recommend this album to anyone. Don't cherry-pick tracks, just get the whole thing with its moods and changes and especially the songs that grow and grow on you.
  • Don't often agree with AMG review...

    By Groveler
    ...but this time they've got it pretty much right. I often thought when I listened to this when it first came out that I could put together an absolutely classic album from this tracklist. So here, IMHO, it is: Thrown Down Red Rover Say You Will Peacekeeper Silver Girl Steal Your Heart Away Bleed to Love Her Everybody Finds Out Say Goodbye Not that there's much wrong with the other tracks; it's just that these are a bit special. In particular the run of Silver Girl, Steal Your Heart Away and Bleed to Love Her is just great pop music.
  • Silver Girl and the Faerie

    By stu1969uk
    I L-O-V-E this album. While reviewers state the obvious, that this is 2 solo albums joined together to make one group effort (wasn't the white album made that way?), there are so many superb songs on here, who cares!! "Peacekeeper" and "Say You Will" would have been enormous chart hits had they been on "Tango". "Come" is as good as anything Buckingham did on "Tusk" and the suggestion that the c.d should have been cut in half to make a listenable album is as silly as to suggest Prince dump a few songs from "S.O.T.T" so it could be as listenable as Purple Rain. This album works fine folks, just as it is. Listen to "Thrown Down" , "Silver Girl" and "Steal Your Heart Away" and marvel at the melodies of two old friends saying Hi again after all these years. If Lindsey Buckingham is supposed to be away with the faeries...i'll catch the next bus to his planet.
  • The Mac is back!

    By direkkare
    Finally, the long wait is over and we have an album that truly is the return of Fleetwood Mac. Yes, we miss the funky pop of Christine McVie but the mystical beauty of Nicks and some quite fantastic rifts by Buckingahm more than make up for it. My personal favourites are Buckingham's distorted 'Red Rover' and rocking 'Come'.

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