One More Light - LINKIN PARK

One More Light


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-05-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2017 Warner Bros. Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Nobody Can Save Me LINKIN PARK 3:45 GBP 0.99
Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & LINKIN PARK 3:31 GBP 0.99
Talking to Myself LINKIN PARK 3:51 GBP 0.99
Battle Symphony LINKIN PARK 3:36 GBP 0.99
Invisible LINKIN PARK 3:34 GBP 0.99
Heavy (feat. Kiiara) LINKIN PARK 2:49 GBP 0.99
Sorry for Now LINKIN PARK 3:23 GBP 0.99
Halfway Right LINKIN PARK 3:37 GBP 0.99
One More Light LINKIN PARK 4:15 GBP 0.99
Sharp Edges LINKIN PARK 2:58 GBP 0.99


  • Disappointed

    By Jere9595i
    Didn't like it at first. A lot of songs sounded too soft and it didn't sound like linkin park to me but more like a boys band pop style kind of stuff, except for a few thongs, those songs being one more light, and sorry for now although this one sounds like a fort minor sound track. Then after listening quite a few times to it I do actually like the other a lot except for the last one of the album sharp edges. I think what is very different in this album lies in the fact that Chester is not hiding behind anything to tell you who he is. There is no voice arrangement, no screaming like on most albums and that is frustrating at first because that is kind of part of why you like LP but actually it turns out some of the songs I hated the first time I listened to are actually truly amazing. Then after the terrible thing that happens i feel grateful Chester could give us this last album and when I listen to it, I get the feeling that he did actually truly had to push himself really hard to give us this last piece. Battle Symphony is amazing
  • Stormzy

    By WickenSlangMan
    My man
  • Brilliant

    By Full time Yorkshireman
    Enjoyed the album just as much as all the others. Yea, it’s not like past albums, but so what? Personally I love Heavy and One More Light. It amuses me how triggered people get from it not being like Meteora or “the old Linkin Park” but hey, everyone has their tastes and if those tastes prevent them from accepting that bands experiment with different genres, that’s their problem. I respect people’s tastes, but ffs. If you’re a true fan, you stick with them instead of ripping into the band when they make an album that’s different from their previous ones. Meteora was good, but learn to move on... Rest in peace, Chester. Just wish I hadn’t missed their last tour...
  • love love love it, rip chester

    By Hollymurscallahanbostridge
    great album, so emotional as i can relate to the songs. such a different tone to usual but its a great difference. i love it and such a relateable album to some people especially from chesters side of it. RIP Chester. we miss you ❤️❤️
  • Chester Bennington is in Heaven now.

    By MorgyIsAwesome100
    Good bye Chester, You were the best frontman ever, We don't want no new frontman or we'll uproar at Warner Bros.
  • Masterpiece

    By PedroMuszalik
    People need to stop being so hung up on the Hybrid Theory style. Linkin Park have always done what they feel is right for them, what they enjoy making and this is that. It's called versatility. Yet, another awesome album.
  • Pretty awesome

    By Love-hate-hope
    Literally so much passion and emotion in this album. Talking to myself is my favourite song.
  • We love you Chester ❤️

    By Albo wisard
    Listening to this album now it’s like Chester’s saying goodbye ☹️ people bitching and moaning about it being a different style should stop and listen to the words and think of the amazing talent the world has lost. ⭐️
  • They've grown up.... and?

    By Dudushshsuhsvs
    Sharp edges has such a nostalgic feeling I love it! One more light never fails to make me feel all sorts of emotions. Mikes Rapping great as always and wait.... CHESTER CAN RAP?! 😱
  • RIP

    By JoeyBoi897
    Rest in Peace Chester, your voice will be remembered and heard for generations to come