Is This the Life We Really Want? - Roger Waters

Is This the Life We Really Want?

Roger Waters

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2017-06-02
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2017 Jule Pond Productions LLC, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a divisio


Title Artist Time
When We Were Young Roger Waters 1:38 GBP 0.99
Déjà Vu Roger Waters 4:27 GBP 0.99
The Last Refugee Roger Waters 4:12 GBP 0.99
Picture That Roger Waters 6:47 GBP 0.99
Broken Bones Roger Waters 4:57 GBP 0.99
Is This the Life We Really Wan Roger Waters 5:55 GBP 0.99
Bird In a Gale Roger Waters 5:31 GBP 0.99
The Most Beautiful Girl Roger Waters 6:09 GBP 0.99
Smell the Roses Roger Waters 5:15 GBP 0.99
Wait for Her Roger Waters 4:56 GBP 0.99
Oceans Apart Roger Waters 1:07 GBP 0.99
Part of Me Died Roger Waters 3:12 GBP 0.99


  • Miles apart from anything else heard out there today

    By Graeme Edwards
    Waters has delivered a stunning follow-up to Amused To Death, and again shows the mainstream crap-artists how to make an album. This record has some lovely Floyd-esq moments that only Waters could have made.
  • Dissapointed

    By UK Bloke
    Now I'm a huge Roger Waters fan and was very excited to get his new album, now I've listened to it 5/6 times I am just not getting it. Rogers voice sounds old, I know he's getting on a bit now but it's starting to come across in his voice. It’s a very chilled album, I prefer his rockier stuff, too much use of the ‘F’ word meaning I can’t listen to this with my family in the room or in the car, the only place I can listen is using head phones at work. The lyrics are a bit cliché and not very inspiring, there are barking dogs and lots of chord progressions right off the Animals and Final Cut albums. Unfortunatley this won't be a regular listen for me.
  • Utter nonsense

    By Piat
    What a load of self indulgent, boring nonsense.
  • Fnbaekcd std

    By Papa Nicol
  • Stunning

    By carefulsquid
    The missing Floyd album for me. It's a bit like The Final Cut which was a Waters solo album anyway (shoehorned into a Floyd album). At times Rogers voice isn't quite there but this sounds more like a Floyd album than say The Division Bell. Great album buy or listen to on Apple Music
  • Welcome back Mr Waters

    By Flower Singing Man
    Well I know this almost like a crime but I just didn't get 'Amused to Death'. None of Waters solo albums really got me exited. The last great album for me, that Waters was involved in, was the Final Cut. But this for me is a massive return to form. I've been listening to it on repeat, just like I did when I was 16 when Final Cut came out. So why is it so good? Well I think Nigel Godrich ( Radiohead producer) has a lot to do with it. Yes its retro. I just love the 'sound' collages on this album. Now some of these sounds might not mean much to folks outside of the UK, but if you listen to this album while on the train or in the tube is a turn brain f*%k. Superb. The other things that blighted for me is that Waters always had to have loads of guitar solos in his solo songs. Sorry but how can you seriously replace Gilmour? It never really worked for me. Here Godrich has modernised the sound and got rid of the solos - and wow it sounds better for it. Roger for me is not as musical as Gilmour and his solo albums have suffered musically, for me, without Gilmour. Godrich has done a lot to improve the music. Roger's real skill is the lyrics. On some of these songs his lyrics are just sublime. Listen to Picture That (the best song on the album for me) and try not to smile when you here the 'leader with no f%$ing brains' line. You won't smile if you are a Trump supporter. In fact if you are a Trump supporter this album may be a tough listem in places. Anyway if you are a Floyd fan but not a solo Waters fan listen to this album. Its a brilliant album. Bits of Animals and reminders of Final Cut but very much now! Well done Roger and Nigel. Rog if this is your last album you've finnished on a high!
  • OTT

    By EB from Bolton
    Great fan of RW and couldn`t wait for this album but too much F -ing and Blinding for my liking this time . He`s good at expressing his ideas and anger without going OTT on the sweaing . I don` t want to be on edge worrying about passengers in my car when this CD is blasting out . but I do want to share this album with the unconverted .
  • Interesting

    By Ryan 333
    It's not the music I would listen to and he can't sing but it has certainly made me think about today's issues
  • Is This The Album We Really Want??

    By TheLEGEND313
    For so long we have been waiting on a new Roger Waters album... 25 years I believe... And when we finally get it... it's a meh! The best thing I can say about the album is... it's just there... it does nothing... apart from being there. If you compare it to other albums such as DSOTM... or WYWH.. giving them 5 stars... it's impossible to do the same here... and as for Rogers love of concept albums... this doesn't quite cut it for me.... For instance Roger Waters - Radio KAOS and Amused to Death (which I would give 4 stars to) are better concept albums than this... there is a theme with them... and this tries to have a theme... but falls short. To me Roger has tried to rediscover the sound of Pink Floyd which he made famous with David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason... and that's just it... putting aside all the petty squabbling and court battles... the bottom line is they all needed one other... Just take David Gilmours - On An Island or Rattle That Lock as examples... again okay albums... but not great. For me Roger should have continued his journey as he did with RK & ATD.. but instead he got on board Nigel Godrich (Radiohead) and I believe Nigel had a heavy influence on this album and Nigel went into it with a "I'm a Pink Floyd fan" let's make a Pink Floyd album with a modern twist... instead of it being... "Let's make an album that no one has ever heard before" All in all... Is This The Life We Really Want isn't a bad album... but it's not great either. Stand out track is - The Last Refugee - THIS IS VINTAGE ROGER... It is a truly beautiful track... but that's it... The second half of the album turns into an album of a broken heart from tracks The Most Beautiful Girl In The World to Part Of Me Died (and this is excluding Smell The Roses which is a disappointment for me) Sadly I feel this will be the last album from any of the remaining Pink Floyd band members as they enter the autumn / winters of their wonderfully amazing successful lives. And instead of disappearing into the sunset with one last almighty roar... we simply get a content purr. Perhaps in 6 months... a year... or maybe two from now I may be able to go back and listen to it again and say... what an amazing album... but in the meantime... it will simply lay on my shelf collecting dust.
  • This is soooooo good! Addicted to this!

    By daznbec31
    This is such a great album, from start to finish, the little touches - the sound bites in between tracks and how the songs merge make it a complete experience. Roger sounds pretty much like he did twenty years ago, the warmth in his voice and the sentiment portrayed in the lyrics just bring everything back home. You won't regret buying this album.

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