The Dark Side of the Moon (2011 Remastered) - Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon (2011 Remastered)

Pink Floyd

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2011-09-23
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2016 Pink Floyd Music Ltd., marketed and distributed by Parlophone Records Ltd., a War


Title Artist Time
Speak To Me (2011 Remastered V Pink Floyd 1:05 GBP 0.99
Breathe (In the Air) [2011 Rem Pink Floyd 2:49 GBP 0.99
On the Run (2011 Remastered Ve Pink Floyd 3:45 GBP 0.99
Time (2011 Remastered Version) Pink Floyd 6:53 GBP 0.99
The Great Gig In the Sky (2011 Pink Floyd 4:43 GBP 0.99
Money (2011 Remastered Version Pink Floyd 6:22 GBP 0.99
Us and Them (2011 Remastered V Pink Floyd 7:49 GBP 0.99
Any Colour You Like (2011 Rema Pink Floyd 3:26 GBP 0.99
Brain Damage (2011 Remastered Pink Floyd 3:46 GBP 0.99
Eclipse (2011 Remastered Versi Pink Floyd 2:10 GBP 0.99


  • Familynan9

    By carefullwiththataxe
    Best thing ever put on vinyl .
  • Truly beyond the moon!

    By darthbooth
    I wasn't even born when this masterpiece was released, but good music is good music, no matter when it was released. A true masterpiece...get some good earphones and relax with this beauty:)
  • Issues

    By Meistakensousthis
    Love the album but this download (at least my one) is flawed. Halfway through track one it skips to halfway through track 7 .
  • Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!

    By kombiman
    Outstanding, nothing more to add.
  • One of the best albums anyone

    By JamieStone919
    This album is probably one of the finest albums ever written. It's artistry is exhibited in its depiction of a deliberately simple approach at times, which then transcends into an expertly sculpted, beautiful and instense musical experience that stands the test of time.
  • Are there words to describe this album?

    By Crgrgrs
    Best album Of all time
  • Incredible.

    By Baronhip
    Timeless. Classic. Essential.
  • Still a diamond-studded gem

    By Cowbag3031
    I first heard & deeply fell in love with this album when I was 13. 34 years on I still love it. The whole album should be listened to in its entirety. Everything runs in sequence & should NOT chopped about by 'shuffling'. When Rick Wright died Radio 2 played his beautiful "Great Gig In The Sky". It still makes me think of that day when I hear it now mostly because it's a big favourite of mine & Radio stations rarely play Floyd tracks. The sheer ingenuity of how some of the synth effects produced is still astonishing. Listen & learn to a diamond-studded gem of an album.
  • One of Pink Floyd's best.

    By Gatefold
    I think this is a very well-written and beautifully textured album: reverb and panning are both used to create a somewhat psychedelic and almost otherworldly soundscape that other popular Pink Floyd albums such as Wish You Were Here and The Wall can only dream of having. Roger Waters proves himself as a fantastic lyricist and the vocals from he, Gilmour, Wright and guest Clare Torry improve the texture. With this album, Pink Floyd have definitely shown their talent and The Dark Side of the Moon is one of my favourite albums ever. However, if you want the full experience, I'd recommend buying the vinyl.
  • All Good

    By Mario Papworth
    unfortunately I bought this from amazon on cd as the sound quality is far better than apple lossless and £3.99 cheaper and you get a booklet too! about time apple got it in their heads that there is hi def recordings available in .wav format now better sound quality, wake up apple get better sound quality before everyone stops buying cruddy mp3 recordings that sound rubbish…Vinyl is back as well...

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