Touch My Body

Mariah Carey

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:26

Music Video


  • Gross

    By WickenSlangMan
    Why would u watch this. Uless you like looking at women in their underwear, this in not the video for u.
  • mariah carey

    By james h the Critic
    I think this is a good introduction to her 2008 album and is a very memorable song and her voice is down to earth in this song and mellow and her body is fantastic.
  • she is hot

    By x iMr Orange x
    she is realy HOT!
  • shes my hero

    By mariah's best fan
    oh mi god she is the best her songs are soo good i wish i was that geek badly xx

    By JordanC92
    Didn't really like the song at first but now i think it is fantastic!
  • Only Having a bit of fun!

    By MCObsessed93
    This video makes me laugh! She's obviously not taking herself too seriously! Should've been a UK #1. It was number 1 in America!
  • wow

    By Excess2008
    stunning vid! Mariah has always been sexy , n shes back with vengeance
  • Ok

    By naz17
    The vid and song are ok on their own but all the songs on the album are very similar. Some of these songs in comparison to Mariah's others are nothing, however, it is an interesting new style for her voice and it will be good to see what the general reaction is to this.
  • woh

    By haz123
    woh that one was hot! wat a babe! Shes bak!!
  • are you all BLIND?

    By avec les yeux bleu
    its called 'touch my body'--- enough said mariah carey is the unanimous spokesperson for all top-heavy, turn-back-the-clock wannabe 25 year olds in this world. The reason she is number one in the USA is purely because she totters about in lingerie and 'touches her body' in an cruelly tight 90's silver spandex get-up. GROW UP MARIAH. All her songs are the same, all her videos are the same. if you like the song, or worse yet, the video, you are publicly letting everyone know on itunes what kind of bad taste you have. Personally i wouldn't touch that body if you paid me to.

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