Give It 2 Me


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-06-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:13

Music Video


  • Sad

    By 'Ard Boss
    All along I've always maintained that I don't like her at all, but reluctantly I find myself really warming to this tune. More genuine and un-mechanised that normal and very catchy (unfortunately !)
  • Grandma

    By AdamWit
    When u get to a certain age, it's time to button up, you might get a chill ! She's gonna crack a hip , songs catchy tho.
  • Madonnalicious!!!

    By behold
    Oh how fantastic, not only does the song re-capture her golden years but the video does too..... Madonna always did make a good director out of a photographer, look at her collaborations with David Fincher (Aliens/Vogue magazine) and Herb Ritts (Cherish video), this is Madonna back to basics and having fun, maybe what Hung Up should have been all about really, nevermind, shes awsome just the same and i hope this follows 4 Minutes lead and goes straight to the top of the UK charts as it is far superior to the lead off single, the song of the summer (if we have one), genius stuff. Kylie is 10 years younger but because of all her botox manages to look 10 years older, she doesnt dance like the queen either, Madonna wipes the floor here and how!
  • Madonna video collection

    By Artsaucey
    Love this one! Why oh why aren't all of Madge's videos available here yet? Would love to have "Hollywood" on my i pod. I got the Confessions tour but that was taken off virtually as soon as it went on!

    By Pretty Girl*
    brillant or embarissin
  • videofriskiness

    By revoxx
    'Dans les vieux pots on se trouve le meillieur confiture.' i can't help wanting to see her with no clothes on. Oh and the music might just help. she's so damn'd attractive. But do we have to have organ grinder there too ?
  • Sticky & Sweet & Hot!!!!

    By LexDex
    I adore the video! Madonna at her best and pure fun! Makes me wanna dance and go on and on ......! My fave track on the Hard Candy album!
  • Yet another video of Madonna in her pants!

    By Skippy74
    I used to be a big Madonna fan back in the day. But over the last five years or so, I've slowly grown to resent her and much of what she stands for. I know she's a mega-star, but it wouldn't kill her to show some humility from time to time. For me, she hasn't released a decent album since Ray of Light. And her latest fascination with prancing around in leotards and doing the splits every 10 seconds is getting very tiresome. Maybe she feels it necessary to remind everyone what great shape she's in for someone approaching 50. Whatever! I hated 4 minutes. It was just dreadful. This is much better, although it is ruined by the rappy bit. The Radio Edit mercifully edits this out. As for the video, please please please keep yer clothes on next time and try and show a bit more class.
  • madge at her finest

    By 1djraw123
    best song on the cd - great vid
  • Hot at fifty

    By pablomanutd
    Great song and great video a must purchase!!!!

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