Love Story

Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:01

Music Video


  • Great song and video

    By hellokitty001
    This is a really great feel good song, Taylor has a great voice and the words tell a really good story, the video is lovely aswell.
  • Stunning!

    By YellowRubberDuck
    pre-ordered this album,this so is so good.This if the first song i have heard from her so hoping the other songs will be just as good.
  • amazing video

    By x-x-J-x-x
    This is an amazing video. For anyone who hasn't seen it you need to. I wasn't that into country music but after listening to her first CD,Taylor Swift, which is also really good I got into it. I haven't got fearless yet but it should be arriving soon . I'm so exited and hope that she will do a tour here just like the one she's doing in America and canada.
  • Talented

    By giftwrappedkiss
    Such a pretty song by such a pretty girl. Loved it ever since i heard it and cannot wait for Fearless.
  • Huh?!

    By Jellybean3rd
    Okay it's a sweet song which you can dance to and it's cute for a 'couple song' however she really isn't the greatest singer ever as her voice isn't strong in comparison to other country artists like Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain. Another thing is that if you listen to the lyrics they are not the best and seem quite bland. I don't think this song is worth buying but maybe it's worth a few listens on the radio or tv music channels! The video is really good ... if only the song matched it!
  • Great!

    By MlovesJ
    I think Taylor Swift is a rising star. I love her new song Love Story. I have bought the music video and have been watching & listening to it constantly. Overall, really good. Itunes is a fabulous service.
  • Lovee itt

    By Aymeee :]
    My Mum is at work so I have no form of transport to go see my friends (unless I walk like a billion miles) So I was stuck watching 'Loose Women' when Taylor came on and she seemed lovely :) I therefore came on iTunes and bought Love Story and it's fantastic! I think she's loved by anyone, I love Fall Out Boy; yet I also think Taylor is amazing!! Weird, huh ?
  • Taylor - amazing - Swift :D

    By JJB1990
    taylor swift is amazing and I am hugely jealous of her incredible talent! if anyone is wondering whether to or not buy this song/her album i really recomend you do- you won't regret it! her lyrics are beautiful and very relatable and her voice is pretty perfect! i couldn't choose a favourite song on either of her albums- they are all amazing! i really hope she will do some UK tour dates soon- i heard there's a possibilty of some at the end of summer!! :D
  • beautiful

    By cexxymomma
    this video is just like romeo and julliet. fits perfectly with the song :) just a beautiful video that taylor is amazing in! x
  • Boo.

    By nelly.vexed
    Okay, she's damn pretty but I have NO idea what the huge fuss is with her music? It's so been DONE! Romeo and Juliet in her lyrics, all of those lines she uses used in a billion other songs before and the blessed little buggers that really are her own are just pure...rubbish. If you like this stuff, I pity you because you are missing out on SO much more.

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