Lady Gaga

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 8:37

Music Video


  • Good

    By fishy987654321
  • All About Madonna.

    By behold
    Not only has she stole Madonna's creative photographer for the last decade (Stephen Klein), but she has also totally regurgitated their work together too, in this video! Not only does it echo some of Madonna's iconic video's (Vogue, Express Yourself) but it also reflects Stephen Kleins work with Madonna, namely their art instillation from 2004 X-STaTiC PRocESs... Much of this work was included as interludes for Madonna's 2004 Re-Invention world tour. GaGa is a fake and a copycat! Thank god her creative director came out recently and admitted that she modelled GaGa on Madonna! It is wgag it is, you cant argue with fact.
  • Wooo

    By MillyGaga
    My favourite video! Love it! (''') paws up!
  • Amazing :)

    By Mrs Ella
    Wow I love lady gaga she's so amazing :)
  • Horrible horrible horrible

    By Lil johns beats
    This video is a disgrace. It is blasphemous and I for one find it very upsetting. I wish I could give it 0 stars!
  • Amazing

    By Jpfoty
    Okay so some of the people are reviewing this video and saying things like "it's stupid" and "Gaga is ugly and scrawny".........they need to understand that she is a very talented performer and, even though they may not like her music videos, her fans do and one thing that she is good at is delivering to her fans exactly what they want time and time and time again. For this reason I believe that Gaga is the most versatile and boundary-pushing performer of this generation and her Alejandro video (again) shows that she is definitely not afraid to show her aristic and metaphorical side (count the hidden meanings in this video- there are a lot). Carry on making videos like this Gaga and I will forever stay a fan!
  • Lady Gaga

    By Fishcake77
    Brilliant, inspirational video. Gaga's best to date. Like the vogue tribute and best song yet. Sounds like ace of base but still very original. What a body what a spectical gaga is.
  • Well.......

    By BioMatt97
    it's an ok video no where near as good as bad romance, telephone and poker face. Its just really confusing I don't really get it much and the video is over 8 minutes long and the first 2 has nothing in it and is quite boring, if she was to do some talking in it and explain it all like telephone/paparazzi. Very disappointed hopefully her next video is better (want it to be Monster or Speechless)
  • FAB

    ITS SOSO ACE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brilliant!

    By Cacer macer
    Brilliant! One of lady gagas best songs but not her kind of video. Lady gagas song alejandro is great but the music video is based on the past when lady gaga is more of a future person. Watch her video pokerface and you will know what I mean.

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